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  • 4800 stainless steel spray valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-21 Clicks:157

    As the saying goes, what is the price of a cent, the price of high determines the value of the product. If everything is carefully manufactured, the quality will certainly not be bad, and the difference is a thousand miles. Although there will be no probl...

  • Dongguan Hengli AB glue screw valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-16 Clicks:125

    When it comes to the dispensing valve using AB glue, the appearance of screw valve of AB glue comes to mind. This is a double liquid dispensing valve which gives me a great impact. It can complete the mixing requirement of more than 5:1 glue ratio without...

  • Dispensing valve controller

    field.writer/ :2020-07-11 Clicks:111

    The dispensing valve controller is combined with the dispensing valve, which can control dispensing parameters, such as air pressure input value, suction proportion value, glue delivery speed, voltage transmission, etc., which is a very important accessor...

  • Zz160 round silica gel valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-10 Clicks:152

    This dispensing valve heel is manufactured in a plunger way, which can solve the problem of high viscosity glue coating. Since high viscosity will affect the glue delivery, glue with corresponding viscosity should be used to realize dispensing task. Two t...

  • Zz-1050r hot melt adhesive precision screw valve

    field.writer/ :2020-07-04 Clicks:143

    Hot melt glue screw valve is a kind of glue dispensing valve that can be heated. In view of the high-precision dispensing demand that ordinary dispensing valve can not complete, this hot-melt glue screw valve can solve the requirements of glue heating and...

  • Super flow two component screw pump zz-700d

    field.writer/ :2020-07-03 Clicks:175

    With the improvement of industrial technology, there are more types of dispensing valves. Basically, the viscosity of glue for each gradient can be matched with a dispensing valve, and some are specially designed for two-component glue. In the past, there...

  • High speed injection valve zz-05q

    field.writer/ :2020-07-02 Clicks:141

    If the paint on the watch case is painted, it is related to the glue dispensing valve, called high-speed spray valve, zz-o5q. It has good glue spraying technology and can achieve micro spray effect. It can fundamentally solve the accuracy and speed requir...

  • Red glue dispensing valve

    field.writer/ :2020-06-28 Clicks:102

    Red glue is a conventional type of glue, which is mainly used in circuit board dispensing. However, special dispensing valve is required due to the characteristics of glue. Our company has developed and manufactured a dispensing valve that meets the requi...

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