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What is a double liquid automatic dispensing valve

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There are many kinds of dispensing valves. If we want to use the two liquid dispenser for precise dispensing, we must use the dispensing valve that can precisely control the AB glue to finish the precise dispensing. This dispensing valve is also a two fluid automatic dispensing valve. Let's have a brief understanding of the production type and structure of the dispensing valve, so as to understand its performance.
Double liquid automatic dispensing valve
Double liquid dispensing machine, also known as AB glue dispensing machine, so the double liquid dispensing valve, also known as a AB automatic dispensing valve. It is a mixed use AB glue, A glue is the main glue, B glue only aided optimization of A adhesive additives, they in the dispensing machine according to a certain proportion are mixed, can enter through a hose, dispensing valve for dispensing operation. The glue valve that can carry the glue can not only be driven by electric power, but also can be driven by screw machine.
AB return suction valve
It is best to use a screw type double liquid dispensing valve if you need a high precision of the glue. This is because screw driver uses screw linkage system. The driving principle of this system is to use screw rotation to drive other linkage devices for directional movement, and ultimately achieve a driving mode of dispensing valve movement. Its ability to control glue is much stronger than its power drive.
Double liquid return suction valve
The performance of the dispensing valve is more than that. Precisely because it can carry out precise delivery control, it can reverse the glue to achieve the function of glue back suction. It won't make any impact on the glue dispensing AB glue, to keep clean without impurities, safety and no pollution, but also to avoid the occurrence of leakage phenomenon in the dispensing.
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