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Do dual component fluid dispensing valves need to be cleaned

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When we finished our homework in the dispensing, don't forget to dispensing the internal and external cleaning work, so in AB precision dispensing in two-component fluid dispensing valve cleaning is necessary?
Double component fluid dispensing valve
This question needs to consider, after all, not all dispensing parts have to be regular cleaning, such as microcomputer master control within the system does not need to be cleaned, after all these things if you want to clean up, remove it is very troublesome, or is unable to carry out precision cleaning.
Double liquid large flow spot glue valve
In the AB precision dispensing equipment in this dispensing valve is in the transmission system of the position, so it inside the dispensing machine, we can not personally to make accurate to clean it. However, the dual component fluid valve valve often contacts with the glue water, so we can use the cleaning solvent to clean it. Because this dispensing valve can spray glue quickly, so when we use the dispensing machine to do internal cleaning, its cleaning time is much faster than the general dispensing valve.
Double component return suction large flow spot glue valve
But it can't be used to clean up its power plant. Because its power device is a vulnerable part, we still need to check, lubricate and replace it regularly. In general, for such important parts, even if it is not carefully cleaned, it can be used.
From the above, because of the composition of two-component fluid dispensing valve, although some parts need to be cleaned, some important parts only need maintenance, which can meet the precise dispensing of dispensing products.
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