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What are the common dispensing valves in the packaging indus

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  The dispensing valve has a very wide range of applications in dispensing and packaging industry. In dispensing and packaging industry, many products need to use dispensing machine, dispensing valve and so on. What are the commonly used dispensing valves in dispensing and packaging industry? Do you need customization to meet the demand for dispensing?
Common outlet valve

  Manual dispensing gun

  There are many kinds of dispensing valves which can be used in dispensing and packaging industry, such as manual dispensing gun, single droplet valve, back-suction dispensing valve, and so on. The manual dispensing gun is exquisite in appearance, small and beautiful, easy to dismantle and install, and is very convenient to use. The structure of the manual dispensing gun is relatively simple, mainly composed of dispensing needle barrel, glue gun, single tube glue gun. But this commonly used dispensing valve can store less glue, so it is suitable for small products. In the application.
Manual dispensing gun

  Single fluid drop valve

  In dispensing and packaging industry, manual dispensing gun is commonly used for dispensing valves, but in automatic dispensing production process, often used in a single drop of glue valve, this valve has a good glue back-suction function, in the dispensing production of products, can be glue back-suction, in the product dispensing work. It can avoid problems such as dispensing, dropping glue, and so on, which will affect the quality of product dispensing. This valve is suitable for dispensing a variety of single-liquid glue, but the glue is also divided into high and low viscosity, and the strength of the glue viscosity will affect the glue output, so before use, it is best to set the glue output.
Single fluid drop valve
  Manual dispensing gun and single droplet valve are commonly used in dispensing and packaging industry. In addition to these two types, back-suction dispensing valve, large flow dispensing valve, double-acting dispensing valve and so on are also commonly used in packaging industry. About the customization of rubber valves, this is mainly based on a variety of factors to determine, if it is used in high-precision industries, small braid recommend customization of commonly used rubber valve types.
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