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Application of quantitative valve greatly strengthens packag

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  These are the working advantages of the quantitative valve, such as precise control of glue output, high dispensing efficiency, wide application range, and good glue back-suction effect. The control accuracy of this kind of dispensing valve is very high. When filling glue in the bottom of the product dispensing package, the quantitative valve is applied. The set amount of glue can be sprayed into the product to avoid the influence of too much glue or too little glue on the quality of dispensing package.
Quantitative valve

  Accurate control of glue output by quantitative valve

  Quantitative valve assembly in dispensing machine can greatly improve the quality of dispensing products, and the application of quantitative valve is very wide, in addition to dispensing packaging products can be filled with glue at the bottom, but also for some special glue dispensing work. Although the application of small flow glue valve in some precision industry can meet the production needs, but in the glue backdraft effect, there is still a certain disadvantage, and the quantitative valve can point the quality of glue to the product, glue backdraft effect is very good, in the process of dispensing, can be very good for glue backdraft work. Avoid glue problems such as dropping glue.
Quantitative valve

  Product packaging uses quantitative valve to improve packaging quality.

  In the process of product packaging, the production quality of dispensing package can be effectively improved by assembling the quantitative valve, but the small flow dispensing valve also has its advantages, such as: higher dispensing accuracy, widely used in high-precision dispensing products; less glue output, can meet the glue demand in small products. Both dispensing valves can be used to fill the bottom of high-precision products with glue, but attention should be paid to glue problems in the use process to avoid glue problems affecting the quality of product packaging production.
Quantitative valve
  Quantitative valve used in high precision product production can greatly enhance the effect of product packaging production, but in the process of filling glue on the bottom of the product, we need to pay attention to the glue problem to avoid the product packaging production quality is affected.
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