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Manual dispensing gun used for manual hot melt glue dispensi

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  The manual dispensing gun is suitable for manual operation and not suitable for assembly in intelligent dispensing equipment. In the industrial dispensing production link, manual dispensing gun is also a commonly used dispensing valve, in the process of manual hot melt glue can be used in this manual dispensing valve.
Manual dispensing gun

  Introduction of manual dispensing gun

  This common type of dispensing valve is also one of the manual dispensing valves, the use of this manual dispensing valve in the process of hot melt glue dispensing is a staff operation, but also can only be used in small-scale production lines. The composition structure of manual dispensing gun is very simple, mainly composed of dispensing needle barrel, buckle, glue gun support, installation is very simple and easy, compared with stainless steel manual dispensing valve, manual dispensing gun is mostly made of plastic materials, in the process of operation does not need oil to smooth parts, just need Regular cleaning and maintenance.
Manual dispensing gun

  Dispensing syringe selection

  Hot melt glue is a kind of glue with special properties. When it is used in dispensing links of products, it is necessary to melt into glue at high temperature to dispensing. In the process of producing hot melt glue for general products, stainless steel manual dispensing valve is used to complete dispensing production. If you want to use hand Moving dispensing gun This common dispensing valve to complete dispensing production, then before hot melt glue, it is best to select a good high-temperature effect of dispensing needle barrel, to avoid the use of glue temperature should be too high to affect the normal work of dispensing needle barrel, but also need to pay attention to the lubrication of pressure barrel parts, in order to prevent in the making Production problems arise during the process.
Dispensing syringe selection
  Whenever used for a period of time or in the product point hot melt glue, can be manually dispensing gun maintenance and cleaning, lubrication of pressure barrel parts, to ensure that dispensing work is completed normally.
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