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High precision liquid dispensing valve without dropping glue

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  The emergence of fluid dispensing valve has solved many problems in dispensing industry, which is a major breakthrough in the glue dispensing industry. Fluid dispensing valve can point, drop and coat many kinds of adhesive fluids. It is widely used in dispensing process.
Fluid dispensing valve

  Introduction of fluid dispensing valve structure

  The top of the fluid dispensing valve is equipped with adjustable nuts. The valve body surface is equipped with two intake ports (one is normally open and the other is normally closed, which are mainly determined by the type of fluid dispensing valve). There is also an intake port and an outlet head. This is the external structure of the fluid dispensing valve, and a piston spring and gas are installed inside the fluid dispensing valve. Cylinders, cylinders are assembled in the dispensing valve work is to use air pressure help, but in the work is to pay attention to the size of cylinder pressure, to avoid excessive air pressure cylinder burst and other production problems. The piston spring can improve the speed and smoothness of dispensing valve for fluid dispensing valve.
Fluid dispensing valve

  Fluid dispensing valve without leakage effect

  Dropping and wire drawing problems often occur, but the fluid dispensing valve with glue backdraft effect is rarely a problem of glue leakage, in the production process of product dispensing, if you need to stop dispensing work, you can stop dispensing equipment work first, with dispensing equipment work stopped, glue backdraft function in the fluid dispensing valve It will also activate itself to prevent dropping glue under abnormal dispensing conditions. However, if the cylinder burst or piston spring problems occur in the used fluid dispensing valve, it is possible to cause dropping phenomenon in the fluid dispensing valve.
Fluid dispensing valve
  When it is found that the cylinder in the fluid dispensing valve bursts or the installation of piston springs has problems, it is recommended to repair or replace it in time to avoid the problem of glue dropping affecting the product dispensing quality.
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