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Single action control rubber valve with pressure control glu

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  Single-acting glue control valve uses pneumatic control glue quantity, in industrial production links is a more common fluid dispensing valve. As a result of the use of pneumatic glue control, then the cylinder sealing effect is a very important point for the single-acting glue control valve, if the pressure setting is too large in the use process, will lead to the control valve cylinder burst and other dispensing production problems.
Single action control rubber valve

  Single acting control rubber valve with pneumatic glue control

  Pneumatic glue control effect is required to use the cylinder, and the sealing effect of the cylinder determines the single-action glue control valve gum quality, the general fluid dispensing valve structure is relatively small, the configuration of the valve parts are not particularly many, and the single-action glue control valve internal space is not large, so the cylinder is relatively small. When the cylinder is operated, the glue quantity can be controlled by the air pressure of the single-acting glue control valve. The glue is evenly applied to the product. But in this process, if the air pressure in the cylinder is set too high, the cylinder will burst, causing glue drip leakage, affecting the normal application of the liquid dispensing valve. When the glue droplets When dispensing with dispensing equipment, it is better to clean glue in time and prevent glue from sticking to fixed products.
Single action control rubber valve

  It is best to replace the cylinder after bursting.

  After the cylinder bursts due to excessive pressure, the dispensing equipment should be stopped at the first time, and then the damaged single-action valve should be unloaded, the new fluid dispensing valve should be replaced, and the pressure of the glue control volume should be reset. When the single-action glue valve cylinder burst, the glue stored in the internal will drip out, then when the glue drips out, it is recommended to clean the glue in time, because when the glue cured after cleaning is very troublesome, will also cause many effects on the product.
Single action control rubber valve
  There are many kinds of glue for single-acting glue control valve which uses air pressure to control the glue output, but it is necessary to pay attention to the cylinder pressure value in the process of use, otherwise it will easily affect the quality of product dispensing production.
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