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Anaerobic dispensing valve suitable for anaerobic glue use

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  Anaerobic glue is one of the special adhesives, it is difficult to produce curing phenomenon in the case of contact with air, only in a vacuum environment can quickly curing, and the anaerobic dispensing valve is mainly for anaerobic glue to complete dispensing work, in the product dispensing anaerobic glue, through the application of this dispensing valve can be very good to complete dispensing production. Quality.
Anaerobic dispensing valve

  Anaerobic glue dispensing valve suitable for anaerobic glue

  Anaerobic dispensing valve multi-functional dispensing accessories, suitable for the use of anaerobic glue, 502 fast-drying glue and other glue, through the assembly of needle converter or needle can realize point, painting, painting and other working modes, with high dispensing accuracy, glue back-absorption effect, faster working reaction speed, corrosion resistance, practical and other dispensing characteristics Anaerobic dispensing can be accomplished in normal environment by using an anaerobic dispensing valve when dispensing products with anaerobic glue. When the glue drops on the dispensing equipment or the surface of the product, it is necessary to wash off the anaerobic glue, which can avoid the possibility of some dispensing problems. What are the methods of anaerobic glue cleaning?
Anaerobic dispensing valve

  Anaerobic adhesive cleaning method

  The first step of anaerobic glue cleaning is to select the appropriate cleaning agent. After selecting the appropriate glue cleaning agent, the degree of solidification of the anaerobic glue can be checked. If the anaerobic glue has not solidified, the anaerobic glue can be used to clean it directly. If the anaerobic glue dropping on the dispensing machine casing solidifies, the system can be opened first. Remove the cured glue and remove the anaerobic adhesive with detergent. In the replacement of anaerobic glue, it is also necessary to wash the anaerobic dispensing valve again, to prevent the use of anaerobic glue in contact with the curing reaction, resulting in curing phenomenon.
Anaerobic dispensing valve
  The anaerobic dispensing valve can be used to spread the anaerobic glue evenly when the product is dispensing the anaerobic glue and quick-drying glue.
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