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Special thread gluing dispensing valve for thread adhesive

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Threaded dispensing valve and silica gel dispensing valve have similar characteristics, are a special type of valve, can only use one glue dispensing, other types of glue can not use this type of valve to complete dispensing effect, this is the screw glue dispensing valve, only screw glue dispensing valve, is also the focus of many dispensing valves One of the top dispensing valves.
螺纹点胶阀 Characteristics of dispensing valve
Each dispensing control valve has some unique points, the general glue will be equipped with a corresponding effect of the glue valve, the use of glue will not appear glue dispensing problems, can quickly complete glue dispensing, but also can reduce the probability of problems, the effect of special valves is still very good, some glue characteristics are special, can not be avoided from production Special dispensing control valve, otherwise can not use glue for dispensing, what is the characteristics of thread glue dispensing valve?
Properties of thread adhesive
First of all, to understand the characteristics of thread glue, this is an anaerobic glue, air will not harden, so you need to isolate the air can be oxidized, some dispensing valves are vacuum, so it will harden the thread glue, this is the characteristics of glue, to use this glue for dispensing, where? Features must be met in order to meet production needs, thread glue is very particular, non-thread dispensing valve can not.
Glue determines the type of rubber valve.
Spot thread glue is different from the general glue, the glue properties will have different effects, the use of dispensing valve will have some differences, according to the production can meet the needs of this can be quickly completed dispensing effect, the use of thread glue dispensing valve can meet the needs of production, dispensing control valve is so used, root According to the characteristics of the rubber valve will have a better effect, so that we can achieve product updates.
The dispensing control valve is mainly based on the glue properties, because the product needs this glue, so can only use this glue, the use of thread glue dispensing valve is through the test of engineers in China, has been confirmed in many manufacturers, the use of thread glue dispensing valve.
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