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Stainless steel dispensing valve made by numerical control t

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  Stainless steel dispensing valve is made of stainless steel made of rubber valves. There are a variety of categories, such as precision dispensing valves, spray valves, injection valves, etc. However, the price of stainless steel dispensing valves is better than that of aluminum alloy made rubber valves. The service life is long and the price is also more expensive. Many manufacturers use aluminum alloy raw materials. The production of rubber valves, and stainless steel dispensing valves are generally few manufacturers, production is more difficult.
We can produce stainless steel dispensing valves in China, but the manufacturers need the glue valves, can be produced, such as sensor dispensing need to use precision dispensing valves, TV frame dispensing use of silica gel valves, chest spray paint use to the spray valve, the Chinese have the strength of production, and the glue valves are all collected inside. With advanced gas spring, the compression is controlled by air pressure, which is flexible and changeable, and the effect of glue discharge and suction can be quickly completed.
Brief introduction of sealing dispensing machine
点胶阀 Sealed dispensing machine is a kind of automatic dispensing machine manufactured in China. It can be used in sensor dispensing. Sensor dispensing also needs precise dispensing technology and filling technology. The use of glue valve will be different. The type of stainless steel dispensing valve is also determined according to the application industry and glue requirements. Sealed dispensing machine is also the root. According to the industry, the selection of automatic dispensing machine will be recommended by professionals.
千分尺精密点胶阀 Composition of dispensing valve
The stainless steel dispensing valve made in China consists of many accessories, such as sealing ring, shaft core, cylinder, gas spring, screw, elbow and so on. These are all the parts that must be used in the stainless steel dispensing valve. Otherwise, the requirements of dispensing and gluing can not be fulfilled, and the automatic dispensing machine can not use the dispensing valve for sensor dispensing. It is also of no significance to produce these accessories, and the sealing dispenser can not be used normally.
Glue that can be used
The advantage of stainless steel dispensing valve is that it can use thick glue and dispense glue. The dispensing precision is high, it is not easy to be corroded, the service life is long, and it can be cleaned after use. This can prevent the glue valve from clogging, and will not affect the use accuracy. The dispensing task can be completed in the small sensor, which is It is a stainless steel dispensing valve. It can meet various dispensing requirements with automatic dispensing machine. However, it needs to be equipped with gas springs. The performance of ordinary springs is easy to fall short of the standard.
Automatic dispensing machine use to configure the appropriate accessories, product production is the best, why there are AB dispensing machine, also called sealing dispensing machine, mainly because the use of machine accessories are different, called different names, stainless steel dispensing valve is the same, but a general name, if there are all the needs, Chinese system They can all be produced, and they are all produced by numerical control integration technology and have good integrity.
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