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The center of the valve determines the quality of the rubber

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Valve shaft is the core of dispensing valve to prevent glue leakage and promote glue dispensing. Valve shaft is the internal bearing of dispensing valve. High quality shaft will directly affect the quality of dispensing valve. Generally, abnormal glue or fluid bubbles are directly related to valve shaft. How to select the valve of dispensing valve What about the axis?
顶针式点胶阀 Two kinds of valve shaft
At present, there are two kinds of valve axis in the market, one is a rod to the end, the other is divided into two sections, what is the advantage of the rod to the end of the axis? For example, the single drop glue valve uses a rod-type valve shaft, relatively breaking, will not break the shaft, and in high-speed operation coordination is very good, service life than two can be high-quality, but also can reduce abnormal glue and fluid bubble problems, especially the point of a higher concentration of glue, such as dispensing effect is very good.
Factors causing dispensing problems
There are two problems with abnormal glue in single drop glue valve. Firstly, the glue dispensing program is not well designed and the input pressure is high, which directly causes the glue valve and the dispensing needle to form the reverse suction effect, which leads to the glue flowing out automatically and can not achieve the reverse suction effect. Production effect. It is very important to choose the valve axis, and the fluid bubble is also related to the valve axis, the cause of bubble is put into the glue with air can not be ruled out, and then a bubble will be formed at the valve outlet, dispensing can not be normal.
How to choose a high-quality shaft, has been said at the beginning, the selection of a rod valve shaft, the effect of silver gel is particularly good, abnormal glue problems and fluid bubbles will be reduced. Medium-made single drop rubber valve is basically a rod-type valve shaft, so that the service life of the valve shaft is relatively long.
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