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It is very important to select pressure regulating valves fo

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Many people think that there is only one kind of pressure regulating valve, in fact, it is not, pressure regulating valve can also be divided into several types, such as compact, flow type, piston type and high pressure valve, these are common types of pressure regulating valve, each type of effect can be achieved will change, what kind of precise pressure barrel used pressure regulating valve for air Does pressure control have a significant effect?
紧凑型调压阀 Matching mode of pressure regulating valve
When dispensing pressure barrel is manufactured, it will be decided what type of pressure regulating valve to use as pressure control accessories. Pneumatic stirring dispensing valve generally uses high pressure valve, while automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel generally uses piston pressure regulating valve, precision pressure barrel generally adopts flow type, with the corresponding pressure regulating valve can maximize dispensing pressure. The strength of the barrel can also prevent the leakage of the sealed tank. The type selection is really very important.
Match valve according to glue requirement
Each pressure regulating valve is not optional, but through scientific and rigorous selection and testing, pneumatic stirring dispensing drum in accordance with the electric agitator, still can stir thick glue, rely on the pressure, the general type of pressure regulating valve pressure input is too large, it is particularly easy to cause pressure regulating valve damage, this is Pi One of the most important factors in valve allocation.
The way of using pressure regulating valve
Why automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel is the use of piston pressure regulating valve, which is said above the electric stirring pressure barrel, there will be additional motor assistance, does not need high pressure can be stirred, the use of piston pressure regulating valve for the pressure control is more delicate, glue flow control rhythm is better.
Factors causing leakage of sealed tank
There are three reasons for the leakage of the sealed tank. First, the consumables of the precision pressure barrel are damaged. Second, the pressure regulating valve has problems. Third, the type of the pressure regulating valve is not correct. What problems will happen to the pressure regulating valve? For example, improper debugging is easy to occur problems, to prevent the occurrence of problems, in order to meet the requirements of the use of dispensing pressure drum.
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