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Glue dispensing valve for large flow glue filling technology

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Filling valve is the most commonly used glue valve in the glue filling industry, which is the general name of all the glue valves used in the glue filling industry. In fact, the glue filling valve can be divided into many types, such as AB dispensing valve, AB back-suction dispensing valve, double-liquid dispensing valve, double-component dispensing valve and so on, are called filling valve, which is an essential part of the glue filling process. .
Three conditions for ensuring glue filling technology
32LAB灌胶阀 The glue filling technology is mainly guaranteed by three things. First, glue filling machine, second, glue filling valve, third, constant control system, glue filling machine is mainly expressed as manufacturing, no good manufacturing technology, is to create a good quality glue filling machine, although there are imported glue filling valve, but there are still some difficulties in manufacturing, too many small accessories. A little bit of problems can cause chain reaction, such as in LED wall lamp filling, to use AB dispensing valve with B-240 mixing needle tube, glue output design is 4mm/sec flow rate, and configuration of the pressure regulator valve is not in place, air pressure control is not in place, glue flow rate will also be a problem.
Accuracy control method of glue filling
The glue filling industry needs to use the glue filling valve, certainly to understand the characteristics of the glue filling valve, is generally known for large flow glue filling technology, to control the accuracy can only use the needle tube mixing pipe, and the opening of the glue filling valve is very large, do not use the mixing needle tube can not be filled, the two are inseparable products, glue filler Art is like this.
The difference between filling valve
双液点胶阀 What is the difference between the AB dispensing valve and the AB suction valve? Mainly reflected in the back-suction performance, AB dispensing valve manufactured by a single way, and back-suction dispensing valve is a double-acting way, filling technology is also reflected from the performance of the filling valve, filling process, solely by the performance of the rubber valve to determine, this is not an empty word, truly reflected in the filling industry.
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