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Which rubber valves belong to the single action control rubb

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Single-action control valve is a commonly used name, because there are two kinds of designations on the market at present, namely, compound control valve and single-action control valve, so single-action control valve includes many types, manual dispensing valve is generally single-action control valve, automatic valve also has several kinds of single-action type, in fact, single-action control valve and double-action control valve. The performance of the rubber valve is not very different.
手动点胶阀 Dispensing valve type
Neutral system belongs to a manufacturer that can produce dispensing machines and dispensing accessories. It can also produce many types of dispensing valves, such as double liquid dispensing valves, thimble dispensing valves, compound dispensing valves, precision dispensing valves, plunger dispensing valves and so on. There are basically two types, namely, double-action and single-action, and single-action is mainly controlled in the field of dispensing valves. The valve is mainly controlled by air pressure, and the suction effect is better.
千分尺点胶阀 Select glue valve according to glue concentration.
The dispensing valve can be selected according to the glue concentration. For example, the manual dispensing valve uses a higher glue concentration and can use a single-action dispensing valve. This has a better effect on dispensing. The air pressure control effect will not be too good, while the spring springback effect is stronger. The double-action dispensing valve can be used if the glue is coated with low concentration. There will be different effects.
There are many types of dispensing valves that can be produced by the medium-sized equipment. They are only part of the above types and can be subdivided into different industries. Each industry will use the same type of dispensing valves, but the details will be different. This is the factor that determines the quality. Choosing a high-quality valve starts with the details.
Transfer dispensing valve
There are many types of single-action control rubber valves manufactured in our company. We can see all types in 阿里巴巴 stores. This way, we can choose high-quality dispensing valves, select rubber valves that meet your requirements, and customize rubber valves according to requirements. This is the strength of manufacturers.
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