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Electric double fluid dispensing valve with electric stirrin

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Xiaobian tells you about an electric dispensing valve, which belongs to the type of double-liquid dispensing valve, also known as the electric double-liquid dispensing valve. It can use super-high concentration glue. Because of the way of electric mixing, it can make the glue mix more evenly and the glue output more smoothly. This is one of the characteristics of the electric double-liquid dispensing valve.
电动双液点胶阀 Glue dispenser with high glue concentration
The effect of electric double-liquid dispensing valve is better than that of ordinary dispensing valve. For example, the proportion of glue is larger and it is difficult to melt, so the electric stirring method can be used. The mixing effect is very obvious. There will be no glue bonding problem due to the low mixing degree, and the breaking effect of the electric dispensing valve. Fruit is also very good, with a mixer to block glue, indicating that this device will have a better effect.
Disadvantages of common liquid dispensing valves
In fact, the double-liquid dispensing valve has always had a disadvantage, that is, the accuracy control. Although the main characteristics of the electric dispensing valve are no longer the same, it achieves higher dispensing accuracy and can be used more widely. The compound thimble dispensing valve has a micrometer fine-tuning knob, which can control the amount of glue produced. In fact, it has similar simulation in the electric stirring valve. Function, really improve the accuracy of dispensing, the effect is good, the choice of products will have a better effect.
双组份电动点胶阀 Dispensing valve parameters
Basic parameters of electric dual liquid dispensing valve:
Model: re motion suction type
Materials: Anodizing and aluminum alloys
Feed: 1/8 "NPT '" (f)
Feed pressure: <10kg
Working air pressure: 4-7kg/cm
Operation frequency: <600/min
Applicable viscosity: 1000-100 CPS
Weight: 2230
Gel output: 0.1ml
Above are the basic parameters of electric dispensing valves. We should pay attention to the automatic production of electric double-liquid dispensing valves. If manual method is used, the dispensing problem will easily arise, especially difficult to control. The demand needs voltage control, and improper operation will cause a lot of problems. The choice must be in line with the requirements. The equipment is the best.
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