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180 degree fan stainless steel spray dispensing valve

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The dispensing valve is a very important part of dispensing machine equipment. The dispensing valve is used to dispensing when it contacts the product. There are five kinds of dispensing valves. We should choose them before dispensing. We should consider the viscosity, types and properties of glue. Usually the spray valve is used for precise dispensing, and when the viscosity of the glue is low, we will choose the spray dispensing valve.
Guide for spray dispensing valve:
The spray dispensing valve used in the market has many shortcomings, such as insufficient rotation angle, poor spray accuracy, easy corrosion of dispensing valve, easy clogging in dispensing valve, etc. These are all common problems of previous spray dispensing valves. But now with the continuous development of science and technology, product quality requirements for dispensing are getting higher and higher, which has a great standard for the process requirements of dispensing valves. Our dispensing machine has its own research team. In dispensing machine and dispensing machine parts, we are constantly innovating spray dispensing valve. We have reached a very high standard, the 180 degree fan stainless steel spray dispensing valve, this is our technology on the spray dispensing valve technology is relatively high. Similar to this product, there are micro spray valves and high frequency spray valves.
180 degree sector stainless steel spray dispensing valve parameters:
Operation mode is automatic, minimum vomiting volume is 0.1ml, repetition accuracy is +0.5%. Main material: special stainless steel, weight: 225g, suitable for medium and low concentration glue.
The advantages of the 180 degree sector stainless steel spray dispensing valve are:
Compared with the previous spray valve, the current spray valve has a high degree of rotation, up to 180 degrees, and will not be easily separated. On the top of the material, the axle is all stainless steel, the external material is pure aluminum alloy, it is resistant to glue corrosion, durable, and the use time has been greatly improved.
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