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The rubber outlet valve uses stainless steel sealing spring,

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In the parts of dispensing machine, the dispensing valve is connected with the dispensing needle. The dispensing valve also has the function of controlling glue. The stainless steel sealing spring is closely related to the dispensing valve. The stainless steel sealing spring directly affects the precision of dispensing.
The function of sealing spring:
Under the action of fluid pressure, the sealing tap valve is pressed gently to achieve the sealing effect. The spring has the dynamic effect, which can overcome the metal offset and wear, so as to maintain the sealing performance. In the tap valve, the sealing spring also has the function of reducing friction and loss.
Sealing spring parameters:
Material: rubber, stainless steel
Function: Seal
Stress tolerance: 20M
The principle of sealing:
When the stainless steel sealing spring is under dispensing pressure, it can eject the sealing ring from the dispensing valve surface to form a very stable sealing effect. The working pressure can be withstood at 700 kg/square centimeter. The acceptable glue media are oil, water, steam, strong acid, strong alkali and other chemical solvents.
Advantages and characteristics of stainless steel sealing spring:
Stainless steel sealing spring can resist high temperature corrosion, has the performance of difficult lubrication and low friction, and can ensure the sealing performance in dispensing operation. The size of the sealing spring is stable, and there will be no volume shrinkage or expansion.
The quality of stainless steel sealing spring directly affects the dispensing effect of dispensing machine. If the seal ring with poor quality is selected, the leakage of dispensing needle may occur. Once the leakage occurs, the precision will not meet the standard, and even the wire drawing may occur. The quality of dispensing can be guaranteed only when the right accessories are selected.
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