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Manufacturers of Automatic and Manual Single Drop Rubber Val

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Single drop valve can only use stainless steel dispensing valve with single liquid glue. As a dispensing equipment manufacturer, we have the conditions to produce single drop valves. We not only produce various types of dispensing valves, but also many dispensing accessories are produced by ourselves, so the price and quality are very good.
Single liquid dispensing valve
Valve Axis Importance
单液点胶阀 The valve axis of stainless steel dispensing valve is the most important one. Generally, manufacturers will use two sections as the axis, which will reduce the service life. But we basically use one section to produce single-drop or stainless steel dispensing valve. Although this will increase the production cost and difficulty, it can reduce fluid bubbles. We want to ensure the interests of manufacturers.
Single Drop Rubber Valve
Effect of two sections of valve axis
Valve axle use a section of production, need very detailed, the longer things, the more important the production details, otherwise there is a problem, will lead to the whole valve axle scrap, and two breaks are different, one damage is only a section of the problem, so we produce a single drop valve and stainless steel dispensing valve cost will be higher, but the number of fluid bubbles in our dispensing valve. Very few, but also high viscosity glue, such as silver glue.
Precision dispensing valve
Whether dispensing is achieved depends on accessories.
精密点胶阀 Whether or not the dispensing silver glue meets the standard is closely related to the valve axis, because the forehead valve axis used by the stainless steel dispensing valve can only be dispensing by "driving" the silver glue, and the silver glue concentration is generally higher, so the use of dispensing valve requires higher requirements, the single dropping glue valve is more difficult to use, dispensing water belongs to a technical work, not casually can complete the dispensing task. It also needs to be equipped with high quality dispensing equipment, so as to meet the requirements of single drop valve or stainless steel dispensing valve. If you need a dispensing valve, you can call the hotline 139 2840 3389.
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