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High Speed Micro Spraying Valve with Scale Circular Stainles

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Introduction: the micro spraying valve is a valve in the spray dispensing valve. Although the same manufacturing process is used, the material used is different. Generally, the spray valve is made of aluminum alloy, and then treated with anodizing technology, so that it has certain anticorrosive effect, and the micro spray valve is different. All of them are made of stainless steel. Quality anticorrosive effect.
Parameters of Micro Spray Valve
Model: 62
Atomization range: 360 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees
Applicable Viscosity: 1-5000 CPS
Minimum glue yield: 0.01ml
Operation mode: automatic
Is it adjustable?
Operating frequency: 600 times per minute
Feeding pressure: <10kg
Minimum atomization diameter: 10mm
Feed Size: 1/4"NPT (f)
Material: Special Stainless Steel + Anodization
Weight: 400g
Application Industry of Micro Spray Valve
Electronic products spray, optical industry, SMT surface mount, semiconductor spray glue, automobile and auto parts spray, hardware parts spray, PCB circuit board and so on.
喷雾点胶阀 Micro spray valve can be glued
Water, paint three anti-paint, grease, silica gel, UV glue, oil, ink, grease, yellow glue, epoxy glue, adhesives and so on. However, all spray dispensing valves have a feature that can not be used at higher viscosity than 5000cps, but also with fluidity.
In fact, the atomization effect of high frequency spray valve is directly related to viscosity, high fluidity and good atomization effect. If you want to achieve good atomization effect, you must not use high viscosity glue, and all kinds of micro spray valve material. The glue will also be different. One feature should be noticed. There are three kinds of stainless steel dispensing valves in the current system. They are micro spray valves and high frequency spray valves. Spray dispensing valves and spray dispensing valves are most commonly used, while micro spray valves generally use glue like yellow glue and epoxy adhesive, while high frequency spray valves are used in paints, paints and other paints, while spray dispensing valves are generally used in aqueous solutions.
China is a manufacturer of dispensing dispensers and dispensing accessories. Among them, micro spray valves, high frequency spray valves, spray dispensing valves and all kinds of stainless steel dispensing valves can complete production, and can also design some non-standard dispensing valves and dispensing machines. If you have any need for them, you can dial the telephone hotline: 13928403389
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