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Single liquid dispensing valve for single component glue

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Guidance: Single-liquid dispensing valves can be divided into many types, such as hand-held dispensing valves, hand-held dispensing valves, precision dispensing valves, multiple dispensing valves, etc. Only one kind of dispensing valves can be called single-liquid dispensing valves. Subdivision can be divided into two types, one is automatic, the other is hand-held. Let Xiaobian introduce the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of single-liquid dispensing valves. Let me show you.
自动点胶阀 Advantages and disadvantages of automatic dispensing valve
First of all, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of automatic dispensing valve in single liquid dispensing valve.
Advantages: After the application of automatic dispensing valve, manual dispensing is no longer needed. For dispensing accuracy and quantity control, it is more meticulous and accurate. It can be applied in some industries with higher accuracy. Then dispensing speed is faster than hand-held dispensing valve, dispensing time is longer, and dispensing deviation will not occur.
手持式点胶阀 Disadvantage: Automatic dispensing machine and dispensing pressure barrel are needed to increase the cost.
Advantages and disadvantages of hand-held dispensing valve
Advantages and disadvantages of hand-held dispensing valve in single-liquid dispensing valve.
Advantages: Low production cost, although the dispensing accuracy is insufficient, but can meet some dispensing industry which is not very high for dispensing accuracy, and the dispensing machine used is more than 100 pieces, the cost is not very high, more in line with the use of some small capital manufacturers.
Disadvantage: The dispensing accuracy is not high and the dispensing is unstable. Although the glue quantity control can be well controlled, the manual dispensing accuracy is still low.
Both are the characteristics of single-liquid dispensing valves. You can find dispensing valves that meet your production needs through two points. They are often used, and the production is relatively large. Xiaobian recommends that you use automatic dispensing valves, but the production is small and the dispensing accuracy is not required. Xiaobian recommends that you use hand-held dispensing valves, mainly how to choose single-liquid dispensing valves or according to the needs of the industry, if you want to use automatic dispensing valves. For the choice of dispensing valves do not understand, we found our neutral automation equipment Co., Ltd., can provide technical support.
If you need a single liquid dispensing valve or a hand-held dispensing valve, you can call our service hotline: 13928403389.
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