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The quality effect of medium-sized anaerobic rubber valve is

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Anaerobic glue is also called threaded glue. Special anaerobic glue valves are needed to strengthen the quality and strength of the product. Generally speaking, the selection of glue valves is more effective than that of ordinary needle barrels. The parts recommended in this production are called threaded glue dispensing valves, which can control the glue quantity of anaerobic threaded glue and make the application more precise and compact in sealing.
Neutral Dual Cylinder Anaerobic Rubber Valve
Spot anaerobic glue threaded glue dispensing valve
Thread glue has a strong anaerobic property, it will not solidify under normal conditions, it will gradually solidify in the environment of isolating oxygen, because this characteristic needs more special dispensing valve to use. Thread glue dispensing valve belongs to the type of anaerobic glue valve. Internal diaphragm can prevent the influence of oxygen on glue. The minimum thread glue amount is 0.01 mm. Anodized aluminium alloy has a good resistance. Corrosive and anti-corrosive performance, gum production up to 500 times per minute, can be used to control threaded anaerobic rubber control valve.
Anaerobic threaded glue dispensing valve
Application of Electronics and Electrical Appliances Dispensing
The function of anaerobic adhesives is mainly to bond and seal small electronics. In order to ensure that the thread anaerobic adhesives are not affected by their properties, it is correct to select suitable rubber valves. The inner chamber is used to isolate oxygen. The extrusion force of the two cylinders is strengthened to evenly squeeze the anaerobic adhesives onto the bonding surface. The thread adhesives are more accurate and heat-resistant after precise control by the thread dispensing valve. It has good performances such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, shock resistance and atomization resistance. It is a practical, long life and durable anaerobic rubber valve.
221 thread anaerobic adhesive
If the user needs to choose the suitable anaerobic glue valve for point threaded glue, we support the provision of a variety of specifications of specialized anaerobic glue valve.
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