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Medium-sized blue 2121 dispensing valve can be mixed and cus

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2121 dispensing valve is a kind of control device with strong versatility at present. It can be connected to the controller for manual dispensing, can also be mounted on the desktop dispensing machine, and even can be used for large-scale floor dispensing equipment. It has wide application coverage and strong compatibility, so that its popularity is higher than other dispensing valve accessories. 2121 dispensing valve provided by mid-manufacture automation can be mixed and customized. It is convenient, fast and practical for users. It can be used in sealing small products such as electronic products or toys.
Blue 2121 dispensing valve
2121 dispensing valve properties
Model: zz-2121 Valve Body Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Special Steel
Working Pressure: 4-7kg/CM Rubber Valve Weight: 220
Minimum Output: 0.001 ml Operating Frequency: <600/min
Applicable Viscosity: 1-100,000 CPS Feeding Pressure: <10 kg
Feed Size: 1/8"NPT (f)
Small toy dispensing
Wide range of application and strong practicability
The 2121 dispensing valve provided by the neutral system can be used in a variety of production environments. The manual connection controller can directly operate the glue injection sealant. The 331 dispensing machine can be assembled for automatic dispensing. The small electronic parts sealant or the medium-sized toy sealant can be used. Taking the toy sealant as an example, this dispensing valve can be divided into two kinds: the belt micrometer and the non-belt micrometer, which can be more carefully regulated and controlled. The extrusion amount of glue is helpful to the application of toy sealant. The fine adjustment of precision makes the glue amount uniform and avoids spilling over the toy surface, which affects the effect. The bonding of toy products has no external effect.
Industry Application Scope
Providing users with a variety of dispensing accessories required is the service purpose of the system. It can provide users with many related accessories, including 2121 dispensing valves, or dispensing machines for users to choose. Call 13928403389 if necessary.
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