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Specification customization of hot melt dispensing valve spe

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Hot melt adhesive, as a special fluid adhesive, needs to be melted into liquid adhesive at 160-180 C. When dispensing automatically, hot melt dispensing valve is used to control flow storage. Hot melt dispensing valve belongs to a special automatic dispensing valve, and its storage capacity is larger than that of similar valves. It is specially used for storage and production of hot melt adhesive. Automation in the production of hot melt dispensing supports many kinds of hot melt dispensing. Valve type customization, such as double-end loading dispenser or other different capacity specifications can be customized.
Hot melt adhesive dispensing valve
Characteristic of hot melt adhesive dispensing valve
Body Material: Copper Body Valve Weight: 1KG
Temperature Detection: Imported Temperature Inductor Heating Method: Heating Core
Change glue way: Open the seal cover and add hot melt glue particles. After heating, point hot melt glue.
Suitable for fluids: storage of various high temperature fluid adhesives including hot melt adhesives
Fully automatic hot melt dispenser
Characteristics and precautions
Hot melt glue dispensing valve belongs to one kind of automatic dispensing valve. It can be controlled by different temperature through machine setting to ensure that the quality of hot melt glue at product point is moderate. Temperature sensor can adjust the power of heating core, so that the temperature of built-in hot melt glue can be used in accordance with the use. It is a special function of automatic dispensing valve. It is better not to exceed 4/5 of the total volume in replenishing hot melt glue, so as to avoid controlling parameters. Improper spillover affects the quality of hot melt adhesives at semi-finished points, while avoiding the operation of hot melt adhesives around volatile raw materials or gases, and the inability to store inflammable articles around the spraying equipment of hot melt adhesives, all of which are hidden dangers in operation.
Hot melt stick
Hot melt dispensing valve is mainly mounted on the platform to make hot melt dispensing machine. It is a kind of automatic equipment specially used to control hot melt dispensing. It can meet most of the manufacturing and production work in application effect and glue control ability.
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