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Manual double liquid dispensing valve is used for low cost d

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Various dispensing methods have evolved into different kinds of accessories. There are differences between the parts of manual dispensing equipment and those of automatic dispensing equipment. Manual double-liquid dispensing valve is a different kind of valve, because this valve can not only connect pressure barrel and controller to dispensing manually, but also can install with automatic dispensing equipment to realize double-component automatic dispensing, so it is famous for its efficiency and low cost. It's this accessory.
Hand-held double-liquid dispensing valve
Introduction of manual double-liquid dispensing valve
This double-liquid valve can be operated manually or installed on dispensing machine automatically. Stainless steel material is used for dispensing for a long time with low loss. The difference between dynamic mixing pipe and static mixing pipe lies in the interior. The former is motor-driven blade stirring to enhance reaction. Manual dispensing mode is difficult to operate dynamic mixing double-liquid dynamic dispensing valve, so it is mainly equipped with static mixing pipe for dispensing. Mixing glue to control double-liquid glue dispensing is a subtle difference between the two dispensing methods.
Dynamic mixing dispensing valve
The difference between manual double-liquid dispensing valve and automatic double-liquid dispensing valve
Manual dual-liquid dispensing valve and dynamic dispensing valve have something in common, but they have subtle differences. They can drive glue by dispensing the air pressure by adjusting the controller. External air holes can be installed to increase the pressure of high-viscosity dual-liquid glue. Operators can hold the manual dual-liquid dispensing valve more quickly and prepare less, and can directly manually align the pedal switch for the glue point. Or the controller dispensing, less preparation than the automatic dispensing machine, the bottom can be equipped with dynamic mixing pipe to form the automatic dispensing needs, while the static mixing pipe is mainly manual dispensing to adjust the mixing, and there are some differences with the dynamic mixing function of the dynamic dispensing valve.
Full manual double liquid dispensing valve
Various manual double-liquid dispensing valves and mixing pipes are available for customization. Details can be obtained by calling 13928403389.
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