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The Practical Application of Compound Plug Needle Spotting V

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The dispensing valve is one of the most widely used glue control accessories in automation equipment. The compound dispensing valve has many characteristics and functions. This single-liquid dispensing valve has become the standard dispensing control accessories for automatic gluer. This paper will briefly introduce the principle and practical application of the single-liquid dispensing valve, including its application in electronic products or shell packaging. Application effect of dustproof and waterproof adhesive.
2121 compound ejector dispensing valve
Principle introduction of compound ejector dispensing valve
As a single liquid dispensing valve, the cylinder can choose different kinds of single or double action. The compound ejector dispensing valve is mainly used in the sealing protection of electronic products. It is made of aluminium alloy stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance and service life. It can be assembled on the automatic glue dispensing machine to automatically control dispensing after setting parameters, so it is used outside metals. Shell dispensing is uniform, flawless and has a wide coating area. It is also used in the sealing links of electronic parts, such as dustproof, waterproof and viscose. Therefore, the thimble dispensing valve can simply connect the controller for manual dispensing, and needs less preparation and can be used more quickly. For example, it can be used in metal shell dispensing or water-proof adhesive for electronic parts.
Functional Diagram of Needle-dispensing Valve
Application in Surface Coating and Sealing
Like most single-liquid dispensing valves, compound ejector dispensing valves extrude glue by pressure-driven ejector. They have the advantages of simple operation, less preparation and so on. They are mounted on automatic glue dispensing machine to complete dispensing with a wide range of applications. The glue drive is powerful and efficient and stable. When they are used in metal shell dispensing seals of small equipment, the dispensing surface is even and flat. The appearance of bubbles makes it have a certain degree of dust-proof and waterproof ability, and the impact resistance effect is also strengthened. According to this characteristic, it can also be used in small parts to complete waterproof and viscose links.
Dispensing of Metal Shell
Among the assembled single-liquid dispensing valves of automatic glue machine, the compound ejector dispensing valve is the main one. The practical application effect is stable and wide. The dispensing effect on the metal shell of electronic parts or small products can be seen.
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