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High-precision glue control screw dispensing valve manufactu

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There are many kinds of dispensing valves according to their uses. Selecting screw dispensing valves with continuous dispensing has high batch control accuracy. The control glue quantity of assembly screw dispensing valves such as visual dispensing machine or encapsulation sealing dispensing machine reaches 0.01mm precision. It is mainly used to control medium and high proportion of two-component glue. It has become a new choice for batch micro-sealant dispensing of electronic products. For example, small-scale semiconductor dispensing can also be used for packaging through this dispensing valve point coating, and other electronic products can also be used for sealing glue and other links of the packaging work.
Precision control screw dispensing valve
Functional characteristics of medium screw dispensing valve
Rubber Valve Model: ZZ-lg78 Suitable Fluid: Two-component Glue
Output accuracy: 0.01mm feed size: 1/8"G
Rubber Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy Applicable Ratio: 1:1 to 10:1
Suitable for Viscosity: 1-500000 CPS Applicable Industry: Electronic Semiconductor Coating Packaging, etc.
Screw dispensing valve and controller
Advantages over other rubber valves
The screw dispensing valve with medium-sized and direct-pin is mainly used to control many kinds of medium-high proportion of two-component glue, and to strengthen the quality range of semiconductor coating. The support ratio of double-liquid dispensing valve on the market can only control 2:1 or 3:1 glue content ratio. At the same time, the precision control can not be used in micro-electronic coating seals and other links. Screws are selected to ensure the repetition accuracy and quality efficiency of electronic coating sealants. The rod dispensing valve is undoubtedly the right choice. The built-in screw driver provides uniform and stable conditions for the mixing of the two-component glue. It can be installed on the ordinary sealing dispensing machine to control the use, and can also be used with the vision equipment to coat the semiconductor sealant, so as to further enhance the control effect of precision and improve the precision of electronic products or semiconductor coating.
Screw valve dispenser
At present, the general mainstream equipment in the industry is sealed dispensing machine with 221 and 331 strokes. Screw dispensing valve can be applied to this kind of mobile dispensing automation equipment, which provides more possibilities and better application effect for batch quantification and precision control of semiconductor coating of electronic products.
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