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Single liquid ejector type 3131 dispensing valve manufacture

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In many kinds of dispensing valves, the main style is the thimble type. The 3131 single-liquid dispensing valve is suitable for many occasions. Small electronic lithium battery dispensing valves can be used to precisely control the glue output, and even connect automatic dispensing equipment to special production lines such as button dyeing dot paint. Good sealing prevents glue spillover during dispensing, which affects the links of dispensing and dispensing. Penetration effect.
3131 thimble dispensing valve
Introduction of 3131 dispensing valve
Type: zz-3131 Rubber Valve Type: Compound Plug Needle Spotting Valve
Rubber diameter: 1.2mm repetition accuracy: +0.01mm
Operating Viscosity: 10000cps Operating Frequency: < 600 times/min
Interval time: 1s glue outlet mode: automatic
Applicable industries: electronic product packaging, lithium battery coating, button dyeing paint, etc.
Function diagram of 3131 compound dispensing valve
Manual control or loading for use in automatic equipment
3131 dispensing valve can not only connect the controller and air source manual dispensing, but also be loaded on automatic dispensing equipment to complete batch dispensing of products, such as dispensing, dispensing, dispensing, etc. The batch demand of lithium battery glue not only to ensure the efficiency of qualified, but also to pay attention to the glue uniformly coated on the bonding surface to enhance quality, the 3131 dispensing valve manufactured by automated precision manufacturing has good air tightness, stable glue supply and long-term operation control. The wear degree is low, and the adverse effect of glue overflow on the adhesive surface of lithium batteries is prevented. The ejection mode driven by the ejector pin can also be used for lithium batteries gluing and batch button dyeing.
Dispensing of metal contact sheet
The function of 3131 dispensing valve is to quantitatively control the flow of glue and prevent excessive glue overflow from increasing the rate of defective products.
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