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Recommended method based on batch coating for lithium batter

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The links of lithium battery gluing are mainly to encapsulate the battery shell with conductive glue. The accuracy of gluing is one of the reasons that affect the clamping strength of the bonding surface. Choosing a good execution mode is linked to the price of dispensing machine and dispensing accessories. It is necessary to select 3131 dispensing valves with high glue control accuracy to load on the automatic dispensing equipment to control the amount of gluing. Which method is more practical for the coating of battery packaging surface?
Coating for Small Lithium Battery Packaging
Recommended automatic equipment for gluing
The position accuracy of lithium battery glue coating will affect the service life and use effect. The function of 3131 dispensing valve is to control the outflow volume to make it suitable for the flow rate needed for glue bonding and dyeing. The dispensing valve connection controller can carry out manual glue coating. The dispensing valve principle can be directly operated to control the size of the air source to drive the glue out, which takes less time and costs. However, manual glue coating is consistent. Because of its poor performance and low efficiency, it is not suitable for batch production lines such as lithium battery coating or button dyeing. Connecting automatic dispensing machine to control dispensing gum not only guarantees the accuracy and quality, but also ensures a more stable effect for the application of efficiency. Therefore, the price difference of dispensing machine can be understood.
Non-standard single-site glue machine
Influencing factors of dispensing machine price
Using dispensing machine with 3131 dispensing valve to control the dispensing effect of lithium battery glue for accuracy requirements is good. By setting the path and parameters of the dispensing point through the control board, the conductive glue can be covered on the battery cover without offset affecting the accuracy, including the button dyeing link of batch manufacturing, the same is true. It is necessary to know well about dispensing glue by selecting automatic equipment with high degree of completion and strong application effect. Valve principle and setting the value of air pressure dispensing guarantees the good product rate, so the price of automatic dispensing machine which supports the assembly of 3131 dispensing valve is in common with its application performance-price ratio.
31 pin dispensing valve
The price of automatic dispensing machine in the industry varies from 10,000 to 30,000. Especially when the dispensing valve is assembled with 3131 parts, the principle of dispensing valve is clearly defined, and the dispensing valve is selected for exchange. It is more suitable for the application of lithium battery gluing or batch button dyeing in high demand.
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