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Function introduction of special micro-ceramic dispensing va

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The function of dispensing valve is a loading part of dispensing machine used to control the flow rate of adhesives. This paper introduces a special micro-ceramic dispensing valve. The special alumina has a strong improvement in service life and durability. It can be used in micro-control of motor gluing and gluing stainless steel and other kinds of glue coating. The manufacturer of medium-sized ceramic dispensing valve provides better quality assurance.
Microceramic dispensing valve
Characteristic of Ceramic Spotting Valve
Product Name: Micro Ceramic Spotting Valve Material: Zirconia
Specification and Dimension: 1-150 (MM) Function: Insulating Device Ceramics
Connection Form: Customized Card Set: Customizable
Driving Mode: Pulse Microstructure: Polycrystalline
Industry applications: electronic chip packaging, micro-badge coating, motor coating, simple stainless steel work, etc.
Specification customization of ceramic dispensing valve
Function of ceramic dispensing valve
Ceramic dispensing valves made of zirconia have the characteristics of high toughness, high flexural strength, good wear resistance, outstanding thermal insulation and antimagnetic effect, and have a complete application effect at high temperature. They can be used to manufacture engine components, that is, the links of motor gluing. The control filling efficiency of quantitative liquid glue is high. Ceramic dispensing valves can have multiple channels for reversing and diverting. Common ball valves and cock valves can be used for this purpose. They can be joined together and used in a mixed way. The effect of reversing diversion is stronger in compatibility, so the application effect of uniformly glued stainless steel links is better.
Dispensing machine manufacturer
Medium-made ceramic dispensing valve manufacturers provide multi-color ceramic dispensing valve for users to choose the type, with excellent dispensing properties and service life and other advantages.
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