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Medium-sized rotary dispensing for high-viscosity fluid cont

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The high viscosity dispensing valve, which can support various glue applications, is more welcomed by the users who need it in the industry. This rotary dispensing valve introduced in this paper is more special than ordinary dispensing valve. It is mainly used for controlling filling and coating of medium and high viscosity fluid glue. It is suitable for the production lines of precision control glue such as small-sized silica gel ring dispensing and disc glue coating, and special fluid control. The rotary dispensing valve can be used with pressure barrel to perform glue feeding for a long time. It has good control effect on glue drawing and other problems.
Double cylinder rotary dispensing valve
Functional characteristics
Product: Rotary dispensing valve model: ZZ-70
Structure: Rotary air pressure: 0.4-0.7MPA
Material: 304 stainless steel, ceramic time setting: 0.01 ~ 99.99 (s)
Applicable Medium: Silica gel, tin paste and other poor fluidity colloidal gel out frequency: 400 times per minute
Industry applications: high demand concentration for external paint, silica gel ring dotting paint, disc glue coating, etc.
Small rotary dispensing valve
Applicability of targeted industries
Customized rotary dispensing valve can be used in different filling coatings requiring high viscosity glue or fluid, and can be used for control. Therefore, this high viscosity dispensing valve has more profound application in industry, including silica gel ring dotting paint and disc gluing, etc. It needs to fill the inner groove of silica gel ring with fluid glue, and complete batch of silica gel ring dotting paint. Rotary dispensing valve can be operated. Similarly, disc gluing needs white glue with poor fluidity to be coated on the surface as coating. It can also be controlled quantitatively by rotary dispensing valve to make the white glue can be coated on the part of the disc that needs gluing to be filled completely. At present, high viscosity dispensing valve is suitable for the production of these industries and ensures the complete efficiency of the standard.
Yellow Silica Ring Paint
Neutral automation can provide a first-hand supply of rotary dispensing valves for users to use, high precision control and fast fluid control efficiency, suitable for such as conductive adhesive, high viscosity silica gel, solder paste, silver paste, glass glue and other fluidity poor quantitative control.
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