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Medium discount direct supply precision flow control yellow

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Electronic yellow glue belongs to a kind of adhesive curing medium fluid, which is mainly suitable for sealing, insulation or fixed applications of various electronic components such as electronic products. It needs to be precisely controlled by yellow glue dispensing valve. The structure of this kind of glue valve for controlling the flow of yellow glue is similar to that of large flow silica gel dispensing valve. It is recommended to use yellow glue dispensing valve if the application of electronic yellow glue needs to be coated. Valve for quantitative control supply, the current mainstream demand for this dispensing valve application for horn yellow glue and simple glasses box yellow glue batch manufacturing production, neutral automation can provide relevant dispensing valve information for users to understand.
Yellow glue coated dispensing valve
Brief Introduction of Rubber Valve Information
Product Name: Yellow glue dispensing valve model: ZZ-60
Output mode: connecting point, fixed point material: pure aluminium alloy
Repetition accuracy: +0.5% gum yield: 0.1mm
Valve body length: 194mm feed: 10KG
Industry Application: Electronic products coated with yellow glue, horn coated with yellow glue, glasses box coated with yellow glue and other types of applications that need to be coated with yellow glue or electronic yellow glue
Bonding electronic yellow glue
Function introduction of yellow glue dispensing valve
The use of large flow yellow glue dispensing valve can precisely control the glue output. This high-precision coating effect should be maintained when the product is coated with electronic yellow glue. The fine-tuning knob at the top is used to control the glue amount at any time. It has good corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Square cylinder is used to coat glue which powerfully drives yellow glue and other types of glue, and it is used in horn yellow glue coating or glasses box yellow glue coating. Precision coating effect has been reflected, so in a variety of dispensing valves, the dispensing valve is well known for its strong pertinence. The stainless steel pushing plug at the bottom can be used for a long time to produce electronic yellow glue with good anticorrosive performance. The demand for yellow glue for trumpets or spectacle boxes is high and the yield reaches the target.
Horn speaker coated with glue
Portable yellow glue dispensing valve can be used with pressure drum for long and stable yellow glue reinforcement. It is suitable for a variety of special glue including electronic yellow glue. This valve supports manual operation or automatic dispensing with automatic equipment.
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