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19 Years Hot Push Hoist Dispenser Valve Adhesion Coating Uni

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The lifting dispensing valve belongs to the auxiliary device of Hot-Push rubber control in nineteen years. With its unique lifting design, it ensures the rapid recovery of rubber without leakage. It is a control valve suitable for bonding and coating links. The main selling point of this valve is to ensure the stability of glue control and non-wire drawing. It will be produced after the end of each rubber supply cycle. Gas pressure suction pulls the glue back quickly to ensure the durability of stable glue dispensing. It is a valve body selected by intelligent glue dispensing robot to control the glue stably.
3131 lifting suction dispensing valve
Brief introduction of product attributes
Product name: lifting dispensing valve model: ZZ-3131
Use air source: 4-7 kgf/cm cylinder: double-acting cylinder
Valve body material: anodized aluminium alloy/stainless steel pressure: <10KG
Feed Size: 1/4npt (f) Form: Lifting and Backdraft Type
Output accuracy: 0.01ml
Suitable for fluids: grease, epoxy resin, UV glue, yellow glue, silica gel, heat dissipation glue, etc.
Mainstream applications: pin sealant, coating filling, electronic material filling, shoe material bonding, fabric bonding, etc.
Backdraft lifting dispensing valve
The application of glue-coating robot in the industry has gradually increased in popularity. Because of the intelligent control function, it has become a glue control equipment suitable for many industries. The lifting dispensing valve can be mounted on the glue-coating robot to complete uniform and stable control of the distribution of glue. The Backdraft and lifting function will control the glue to non-wire drawing, non-dripping and breaking. The glue feels quickly and meets the requirement of the precision control index of the glue material, so it can be applied to the batch manufacturing of shoe material bonding or cloth bonding. The precision of glue production can be controlled to 0.01 ml, which makes the requirement of consistency and stability in the batch production. The uniform coating line does not spill over the bonding rate between shoe material and cloth. It has increased substantially.
Epoxy resin adhesive
The lifting dispensing valve can connect a variety of dispensing needles and outlets, and can attach a larger range of needles or outlets to make the rubber stable and uniform dispensing, and greatly save labor time and reduce the cost and time of consumables. It has become a standard material control accessory for batch completion of shoe and cloth bonding.
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