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Recommendation of a metering dispensing valve with precise g

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Neutral automation is a manufacturer specializing in the supply of dispensing equipment and accessories. This time, a special compound control valve is recommended for users. The special metering dispensing valve is mainly suitable for the precise control of medium and low viscosity fluids. The metering control of this valve ensures that the compound can flow steadily to the position where the glue filling package is needed. Because of the high accuracy and stability of the metering control compound, it is suitable for filling small products such as resistance or capacitance encapsulation. The filling compound is used as auxiliary material to bond evenly and stably.
Metering jet dispensing valve
Performance characteristics of rubber valves
Product name: metering dispensing valve model: ZZ-714
Applicable Fluids: Fluid Pressure of Low and Medium Viscosities: 0.05~0.5 Mpa
Liquid inlet: 1/8PT temperature: 5-60 C
Conveying pressure: 0.33 Mpa material: stainless steel
Valve weight: 200g drive: pneumatic drive
Applicable industries: motor gluing, resistance encapsulation, lithium battery gluing, buzzer dispensing, capacitance encapsulation, etc.
Applicable Medium: Water, Oil, Various Corrosive Fluid Medium, Filling Synthetic Adhesive, etc.
Micrometer metering adjustment dispensing valve
Applicable to industries where demand is stable
Automatic dispensing equipment with metering dispensing valve can be used to continuously complete dispensing, coating, filling and encapsulation work, metering control and control the precision and stability of the compound through the size of the pressure, with a fine-tuning device at the top to achieve the purpose of precise volume metering control of the compound, and capacitance encapsulation and encapsulation of continuous dispensing coating in demand. Resistance encapsulation and other links are in great demand. The metering dispensing valve can be installed in the automatic dispensing equipment to operate. The metering control compound ensures the stable control of encapsulation and encapsulation compound, and maintains the long-term stable and consistent efficiency of encapsulation and encapsulation and encapsulation production. After production, a suitable amount of encapsulation synthetic rubber can be added as an accelerator. Further strengthening the bonding quality and strength.
Resistance dispensing of components
The metering dispensing valve provided by the neutral system supports long-term stable and continuous feeding, and prevents dripping and leakage by the metering control mode, which has an impact on the application of encapsulation and coating glue.
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