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Characteristics and functions of high-speed dispensing valve

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First, support large amount of glue filling
Some products need to be filled with a lot of glue to produce. For this requirement, visual dispenser supports high-speed dispensing valves with large flow and adjusts the range of glue in one-way operation. Wide and able to perform high flow dispensing mode, this dispensing valve has unique backdraft function to deal with wire drawing and leakage problems, which often occurs in high-speed dispensing work, while anodic alumina alloy makes deeper dispensing valve possible to use for a long time. In the highly demanding automatic dispensing work, it has the characteristics of stable operation, high glue control accuracy and cost saving. It can be equipped with more accurate dispensing needles to enhance flow control effect, improve the accuracy and quality of large glue filling, and enhance automatic vision. The practical value of high-speed dispensing.
Compound ejector dispensing valve
Second, high-speed dispensing valves have a wider range of applications
Visual dispensing machine is suitable for controlling dispensing valve at high speed. This is a comprehensive and industrial equipment, which can help users complete filling, packaging and bonding of products by controlling the flow rate. Quantitative control of dispensing helps to reduce the cost of human resources and materials, and also can select the type of distribution valve according to actual production needs. Visual dispensing machine supports the use of high-speed dispensing valves for flow control to meet the needs of different industries. Demand.
Backdraft high speed dispensing valve
3. High-speed dispensing valve supports two-component glue
Two-component glue is a common special glue. By mixing A glue and B glue, it has higher bonding strength and high speed dispensing effect. Ordinary dispensing valves are not suitable for two-component glue dispensing and need special two-component high-speed dispensing valves to work. Full-automatic visual dispensing machine supports the configuration of two-component high-speed dispensing valves for flow control. The dispensing machine equipped with high-speed visual functions and glue valves can improve the flow control accuracy of products. Two-component glue can be fully used in automatic visual glue filling.
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