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What are the characteristics of stainless steel pressure bar

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Stainless steel pressure barrel consists of pneumatic motor, air conditioning, safety valve, exhaust valve, discharge outlet, inner cylinder and four movable wheels. The pneumatic motor installed in the pressure barrel can be used for pneumatic stirring to keep paint or rubber uniformly in the barrel. The stainless steel pressure barrel used in dispensing operation is not affected by the deposition of paint. This product is not only suitable for dispensing operation, but also can use other spraying glue materials. The stainless steel pressure barrel has a base, and the upper part of the base has a black inner barrel located at the bottom of the barrel, which is widely used in dispensing industry.
Stainless steel rubber storage pressure barrel
1. Characteristics of stainless steel pressure barrel:
Explosion-proof, high fire resistance, safety (compressed air as power source), 24 hours continuous use, to ensure no heat, no spark, can make the upper and lower layer of paint in the barrel mix evenly, no precipitation, filter installed at the outlet of stainless steel pressure barrel, so that the paint is clean without impurities.
Functional description of pressure barrel
2. Application field of stainless steel pressure barrel:
The common application areas are glue, such as heat dissipation aluminium paste, instant glue, hot melt glue, UV glue, silica gel, EPOXY, red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB vinyl, conductive glue and other storage materials.
The applied industries include: surface mount semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, LCD/LED optical industry, optoelectronics industry, biochemical industry, photovoltaic solar industry, etc. In addition, it can usually be used with dispensing machine and dispensing valve, which is the embodiment of the convenience of stainless steel pressure barrel characteristics.
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