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The function of automatic double rubber valve is relatively

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Double-glue valve is an important part of double-liquid glue mixing. The double liquid dispenser is equipped with double valves for inserting two hoses and one inlet pipe, one for conveying glue and the other for conveying glue catalyst. The glue solidifies only when it comes into contact with the catalyst. Usually, the mixing of two liquid mixtures is completed in a certain proportion, and then applied to the dispensing of products with higher production demand.
Double Rubber Valve with Multi-cylinder Automatic Rubber Coating
Reasons for Choosing Double-glue Valve with Double-liquid dispensing
First of all, we should understand the characteristics of double-liquid dispensing machine. Because the double-liquid dispensing machine is mainly used for dispensing operation with large production capacity, the ordinary dispensing valve is not suitable for selecting double-liquid mixing glue when selecting valves. Because the two glues are separated, the glue can only be pumped into the mixing pipe by air pressure, and then mixed proportionally through the double-glue valve. Then it is ejected. It can be seen that the double rubber valve plays a relatively important role in the whole process. If the glue is mixed too slowly, it is easy to solidify; if it is too fast and the proportion is different, an incomplete two-liquid mixture is applied. Most products have defects. Therefore, the control valve is the most important part of the whole dispensing process.
Desktop-type two-component dispensing machine
A double-liquid automatic dispensing machine is developed, which is equipped with a large flow double-rubber valve to realize glue stability control. For the above problems, you can use this rubber valve to make up for it. At present, the market of dispensing machine is very hot. The neutralization system will provide double liquid dispensing machine with double rubber valves for common use. Selling products with higher point gum quality to users.
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