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Introduction of a Simple, Practical and Portable Amber Needl

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Amber dispensing syringe is usually used in dispensing industry. UV adhesives need to be applied to the syringe for dispensing, and special silicone dispensing valves can be used to prevent silicone from occurring before dispensing. Curing, UV adhesive belongs to a kind of photosensitive adhesive. When exposed to ultraviolet light, it solidifies. Therefore, amber rubber cylinders must be used to store UV glue.
Amber storage dispensing syringe
Why does UV glue use glue to store glue?
Why use amber dispensing syringe? Because amber can "filter" ultraviolet rays, it will not lead to UV curing. In fact, there is another factor. If you use other black, red, green and other colors, you can't see how much UV glue is used. The inability of the next glue to prepare for use delayed dispensing and the use of glue was observed using amber dispensing syringes.
Black UV Coating
Amber dispensing syringe price
UV glue dispensing machine coats UV glue on the base material, and the use of amber dispensing syringe has a high cost performance ratio. First, the price of dispensing syringes is relatively low. The price of the amber syringe is between 0.35 yuan and 1.1 yuan, the price of the silica gel dispensing valve is between 300 and 800 yuan, and the coating requirements on the substrate are not high. There is no need to use silica gel dispensing valve to complete the requirements of sealant. In the case of mobile phone screen maintenance, the requirement is relatively high, and the control method needs to be replaced.
Desktop UV dispensing machine
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