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High quality and large flow dispensing valve has powerful fu

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Large flow dispensing valve can be assembled in multi-axis automatic coating machine. Compared with other rubber valves, large flow dispensing valves can store more glue, and the amount of glue dispensing is larger. The applicable fluids are relatively large, and the application in the production process of paint coating enables the automatic dispensing machine to perform a durable and stable production of paint dispensing.
Large Flow Dual-Hole Dispenser Valve
Paint with automatic dispenser
Glue refers to the glue mixed with paint. The bonding effect of this glue is better than that of ordinary glue. In the process of marking automobiles, multi-axle automatic gluing machine is used with large flow dispensing valves, such as gluing paint can be fully applicable to vehicle standards. The curing speed of the coatings is relatively fast, and the cured coatings have high temperature resistance and are suitable for washing. It can be used as glue for car marking. Before using automatic dispenser to paint automobile labels, you need to check the quality of the paint. After checking the quality, glue can be injected into the pressure tank. After turning on the power supply of the multi-axis automatic dispensing machine, you can automatically execute this point. Glue production.
Large flow coated silica gel valve
Before introducing the advantages of assembling large flow dispensing valves, large flow dispensing valves can store more glue than ordinary valves, and the glue volume is relatively large. This large flow dispensing valves also have good backdraft effect and can be used in the marking process of vehicle standards, and can be used to avoid glue leakage when glue is not dispensing. It can be used not only in multi-axis assembly automatic coating machine, but also in multi-axis automatic coating machine. High flow dispensing valve can improve the dispensing accuracy and ensure the quality of standard coating. There are many advantages in assembling dispensing valves in multi-axis automatic dispensing machines, but the working requirements of dispensing products must be considered before using them. At the same time, the specifications of large flow dispensing valves also need to be selected according to the actual situation in order to avoid affecting the quality of automobile label paint production.
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