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Introduction of Constant Temperature Valve with Realizable R

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Constant temperature valve is a common dispensing valve, which can meet the general requirements of glue application. Since there are some special requirements for glue, some thermostatic valves can be used to control the glue volume. It can use epoxy resin glue, instant glue, low concentration ink glue, paper glue, etc. These glue can be controlled by constant temperature valve.
Dynamic double liquid valve
Cannot use hot melt adhesive
There are some differences in the glue used in each industry. Some glue needs to be heated or cooled to reach the appropriate use point. The constant temperature valve can withstand the working temperature mainly at - 40 - 120 degrees, so it can not use hot melt glue which can melt at too high temperature. It is more important to choose a suitable dispensing valve. The dispensing valve is an important accessory to determine the dispensing effect.
Constant temperature valve belongs to commonly used control compound accessories, belongs to a commonly used valve, because the glue that needs to be heated to more than 120 degrees is still relatively small, the characteristic glue should be used in special cases in the constant temperature state generally, and the industry used for automatic control does not use hot melt glue, so the use of standard constant temperature valve can basically meet its needs. Production needs.
Electrically Driven Rubber Valve
Advantage of low price
Many dispensing valves use thermostatic valves to control the flow and glue volume of dispensing machine automatically. Although many dispensing valves can do this, the price of thermostatic valves is very cheap, generally hundreds of or so, of course, mainly depends on the control of glue accuracy, which is suitable for providing help for automatic dispensing machine. Others will have some dispensing problems. The production of each dispensing valve is purposeful. They all aim to help companies win more profits.
Two-Component Rubber Valve
Automatic dispensing machine using constant temperature valve is not generally applicable to high-precision dispensing industry, can play the role of conveying glue, an excellent dispensing opportunity has better dispensing valve, which is the choice relationship between precision dispensing machine and normal dispensing machine.
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