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What is anaerobic rubber valve

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With the continuous expansion of the dispensing industry, more and more types of dispensing equipment are required, and different types of dispensing equipment appear one after another. At present, the dispensing equipment in the dispensing market is dazzling, and it varies according to the types of dispensing equipment used in different industries, such as dispensing equipment using silica gel to glue products, silica gel dispensing device, non-contact automatic dispensing machine for dispensing equipment of precision products, and hot melting equipment. Hot melt dispensing valves for adhesives and exclusive control anaerobic valves for products requiring anaerobic adhesives.
Special small anaerobic rubber valve
Anaerobic adhesives have special properties and require special rubber valves and dispensing devices. Therefore, it is necessary to use special dispensing devices to use anaerobic adhesives. For example, anaerobic adhesives need an anaerobic rubber valve. Anaerobic adhesives, also known as threaded adhesives, do not melt at high temperatures. Many industries need to use anaerobic adhesives for sealing. However, this kind of adhesives has relatively large characteristics and can not contact with metals in the dispensing process, otherwise they will solidify. Therefore, the material used to make anaerobic rubber valves is special material, so the price is relatively expensive.
Single Cylinder Adjustable Anaerobic Rubber Valve
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