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Automatic mixing dispensing valve with controllable multi-ra

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Automatic mixing dispensing valve is a kind of glue valve which can use more than two kinds of glue. There is a kind of glue on the market that needs mixing to solidify. This kind of mixed valve is produced to use this glue. The multi-axis dispensing machine needs to use mixed dispensing valve to dispense glue on the light-emitting diode lamp, so that the two-component glue has high adhesion and stable performance. Fixed and automatic mixing dispensing valves are often used in double-liquid dispensing machines with higher requirements for glue mixing. Compared with ordinary mixing tubes, the mixing valves have greater advantages. The cost of the machine will increase when the double-liquid dispensing machines are equipped with the valves. Therefore, it is recommended that dispensing equipment be used only when the products have higher requirements for glue mixing. Use this mixing valve.
Mixed double liquid dispensing valve
Mixing Valve for Two-Component Glue
With the performance of multi-axis dispenser becoming more and more high and its application scope becoming wider and wider, the manufacturer's production efficiency has been greatly improved. Because of the nature of glue, air contact will quickly solidify. The initial dispenser added creep control to accurately control dispensing. However, some manufacturers still need to seek new breakthroughs to adapt to extremely high levels. In the market environment of strength, the development of two-component glue requires the use of automatic mixing dispensing valve to meet the market demand.
Standard Rubber Control Double-liquid Valve
The automatic mixing dispensing valve can complete the glue mixing operation of various proportions. It can use dynamic mixing glue and glue pressure to make the glue mixing more uniform, and it is not easy to produce bad factors such as bubbles.
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