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Precision Rubber Control Valve Provides More Precision Rubbe

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Precision dispensing valve is an application accessory of automatic dispensing equipment, which can control the liquid and apply it on the surface or inside of the shell of the mobile phone. It can effectively inject and apply the liquid such as dispensing water and paint on the screen of the mobile phone to the position of the product. This dispensing accessory can also be matched with automatic equipment to achieve dotting, circular or arc, with high-speed continuous dispensing and high-strength stability. Sex.
Precision Control Rubber Valve
The dispensing equipment equipped with precise control valves can be used in the automatic production lines of major mobile phone manufacturers to meet the needs of automatic directional dispensing of mobile phone shells, cameras, fingerprint identification sensors and computer with narrow edges of internal circuit boards. The dispensing quantity is precisely controlled by electronic injection system. At the same time, the dispensing quantity is equipped with CCD vision automatic positioning system and automatic online calibration needle system. To ensure that the key integrated circuit components of each mobile phone are well sealed and protected, and the operation with precision rubber control valves is inseparable.
Rubber reciprocating suction valve
Since the launch of Apple Mobile in China, full-screen mobile phones have refreshed the popularity of full-screen and flash-screen mobile phones in the domestic public. At the same time, many domestic mobile phone brands have followed this trend and launched new models of full-screen design. The innovation of full-screen mobile phones is not only the change of the appearance of mobile phones, but also the new requirements in the manufacturing process. This means that the filling and sealing of mobile phones. Mouth and other technologies need to be changed and improved in time. Due to the existence of ultra-narrow frame, ultra-thin, dual cameras, irregular shape, fingerprint recognition sensors and other components, the packaging accuracy requirements are more stringent, which makes the process requirements of mobile phone processing more stringent. Visual dispensing equipment is equipped with precise control valves to ensure the stable filling and coating of rubber, so that mobile phone semi-finished products do not leak glue. Direct impact.
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