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Characteristics of high concentration dispensing valve and a

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The high concentration dispensing valve can accurately fill all kinds of flow solutions with various boundary dimensions, viscosity and air pressure values. Because it has the function of back absorption, it can avoid the poor filling and forming, and it is not harmed by the solution input atmospheric pressure, and it can quickly turn off or squeeze the solution. The pipeline with oil content can be selected to form the sealing property of the solution, so as to prevent the water from being carried to the extrusion solution, and the most suitable solution for glue filling is very sensitive to the water.
Large flow coating rubber valve
The pneumatic control is selected, which can select not only the closed solution (unilateral control) of the atmospheric pressure of the bomb yellow, but also all the atmospheric pressure controls (lateral control). The output port adopts 1 / 4-foot NPT3 (standard Huai external thread), which can be connected with many kinds of 1 / 4-foot external thread storage barrel nozzles. It is the only dispensing valve that can be connected with it.
High concentration hydrodynamics dispensing valve can use vegetable grease, epoxy resin glue, lubricating fluid, soldering fluid, UV glue, RTV silicone rubber / sealant, adhesive, soldering fluid and other solutions. It is mainly used in the adhesion, encapsulation, sealing, filling, point sizing and linear sizing of cars and parts, consumer electronic equipment and optical communication products.
Coating compound double liquid dispensing valve
Application and characteristics of high concentration dispensing valve
Key features:
1. Able to bear high pressure of 3000psi
2. It has periodic feeding effect.
3. Simple maintenance and reliable design scheme
4. Fast water flow
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