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Usage and operation of piston dispensing valve

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Piston type dispensing valve is another capacity dispensing pump operated by servo controller. It shows a more improved design scheme for sealant, sealing wall and filling application.
Plunger dispensing valve
The Chinese piston dispensing valve is a piston dispensing valve designed and manufactured by a professional manufacturer. The precision characteristics and volume accumulation rate are accurately maintained to consider the application of integrated IC modules from ultra large BGA to very small flip.
The piston type dispensing valve is another capacity dispensing valve operated by a servo controller applicable to all automatic dispensing systems. It is another piston type dispensing valve that is not really harmed by liquid viscosity, supply and demand balance working pressure, needle management scale or liquid / dispensing valve temperature.
No matter the automatic dispensing machine, screw, point or straight-line mode, the servo controller driver system of dispensing valve and mobile phone software can maintain a variety of business scale in the same process. The quick release system of dispensing valve is applicable to the disassembly of injection needle, piston rod and pump chamber without special tools.
Plunger type coating rubber valve
Characteristics of Chinese piston dispensing valve
Rapid refilling of the automatic dispensing machine for filling the bottom of the optimal control, quick release of the system and small amount of moisture permeable components for easy maintenance, assembly and disassembly of the system software, suitable for disassembly and assembly without special tools, and then carry out the whole process of quick, light and loose cleaning, with double accuracy higher than 1%, and the integrity of the automatic dispensing machine under the operation scale of various program processes It is a linear piston rod dispensing valve that can reduce the extravagant waste of raw materials to the minimum, with high water flow, high production and no harm from viscosity.
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