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One million dispensing times can be realized -- back suction

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The Chinese diaphragm type back suction lifting dispensing valve is a pneumatic diaphragm lifting valve with four stroke adjustable precise piston rod. It uses the diaphragm type back suction atmospheric pressure to adjust the dispensing volume and breaking effect of the dispensing valve. The dispensing valve can produce the glue of moderate to medium viscosity colloidal solution, which is suitable for various applications.
Suction lift dispensing valve
Customers can easily and happily adjust the total flow of colloidal solution according to the adjustment of colloidal solution water pressure, single pulse time and the selection of appropriate gluing methods. They can adjust the four stroke piston rod to store a small amount of colloidal solution on the gluing surface, and the glue can be sucked back cleanly. The disconnected gluing colloidal solution is clean, and the gluing can be prevented.
Suction type coating rubber valve
1. Strong acid resistance
2. Adjustable total flow of colloidal solution
3. Back drawing adjustable
4. Low maintenance cost
5. Stainless steel plate structure, corrosion-resistant colloidal solution
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