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The high pressure regulating joint glue valve is a normally closed pneumatic balance short pipe valve, which is used for continuous gluing of high viscosity glue. In order to better achieve the maximum coating accuracy, and meet the customer's ability to control the total flow of dispensing colloidal solution according to the adjustment of working gas pressure of colloidal solution, single pulse time and the selection of suitable coating methods, we can use our existing high-pressure regulating dispensing valve as the control valve.
Suction control valve
Generally, the requirements of high viscosity glue for air pressure device are relatively high. If such requirements are not met, there must be no way to dispensing. High viscosity means poor fluidity, and the glue will have a setting time. If the dispensing is not completed at this time, there will be no way to re glue. The use of high-pressure suction regulating dispensing valve can be very smooth. , which is a good effect for production.
Suction control valve
Suction type high pressure regulating dispensing valve
1. The specification is small, very light, and the total volume is only 500g.
2. The rubber cylinder is made of stainless steel plate.
3. Simple maintenance, each use can be cleaned with alcohol or water, low cost
4. The back absorption effect ensures that the colloidal solution is completely disconnected without leakage.
Suction control plunger valve
5. High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and durability
6. The circulation speed of each dispensing exceeds 350 points.
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