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Rubber valve for dispensing by pneumatic dynamics

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The air pressure control dispensing valve is a kind of dispensing valve that realizes dispensing and suction by air pressure. The pressure applied to the axis of the pneumatic control dispensing valve when the "pneumatic valve is opened" is used for the circulation of colloidal solution. When the air pressure is used for pumping, dispensing is carried out. When the "pneumatic valve is closed", the glue in the rubber cylinder is removed to ensure that the glue can be installed and set to achieve dispensing.
Suction air pressure dispensing valve
Working principle of pneumatic control dispensing valve
Because it works together with the glue pressure barrel, the air pressure is input from the pressure barrel, the glue in the pressure barrel is pressed out from the rubber tube, and it is sent to the rubber cylinder of the pneumatic control dispensing valve, and a controller is also connected to the dispensing valve, and the normally open and normally closed of the dispensing valve are respectively connected to the controller, which can pull up and tightly close the shaft core, pull out the glue, and tightly close the glue.
Large control air pressure dispensing valve
Characteristics of dispensing valve controlled by pneumatic operation
1. Wide application and easy installation
2. Mechanical parts not to be cleaned
3. It can be used in combination with pressure barrel. The temporary storage capacity of dispensing valve rubber cylinder is between 5ml and 10ml.
4. Applicable to all current single component glue requirements (excluding hot melt glue and instant dry glue)
5. Use high-quality solder paste adhesive, and glue the dots and lines with a diameter of 0.25mmm (0.02ft) or less.
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