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Double liquid screw automatic dispensing valve

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When we want to use two kinds of glue dispensing, will need to work with AB precision dispensing dispensing machine, if you need to make your dispensing precision more precise, it is necessary to use the double liquid dispensing valve, then the dispensing valve what special place?
Double liquid automatic dispensing valve
Because the double screw automatic liquid dispensing valve used in AB precision dispensing machine, so the dispensing valve must be carrying ab. What is the two gel mixed AB glue, the glue A glue is the main glue, B glue only aided optimization of A adhesive additives, they in the dispensing machine according to a certain proportion are mixed, can enter through a hose, dispensing valve for dispensing operation, the general use of electric drive can be completed, but the double screw automatic dispensing valve for liquid dispensing AB higher precision, so the glue used screw drive technology is used in the dispensing engine screw linkage system.
Double fluid high speed dispensing valve
The main screw in this system works rotating, but it can drive other components, so that the whole machine is capable of fast and precise motion in straight lines. This driving mode makes the dispensing valve control the glue accurately, and also improves the dispensing speed of the dispenser.
Double liquid precision dispensing valve
Although the dual screw automatic dispensing valve has this excellent ability, but this dispensing valve, because it uses the screw as its own power source, so its manufacturing cost will be much higher than the ordinary dispensing valve. Not only that, but its mechanical drive has another drawback. It is the problem of excessive cost caused by too many vulnerable components in screw drive.


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