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Characteristics and mode of spray dispensing valve

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The spray paint dispensing valve produced in China is an ideal spray paint device for the demand of mixed type PCB circuit board. It is suitable for the glue of medium and low viscosity range (1-3000cps). According to the requirements of PCB, a set of main parameters for spray paint can be set, which can keep the coating work in strip, floccule and spiral forms. It is equipped with a professional coating service platform of China system technology, with better practical effect. 。
Spray dispensing valve
Features and advantages
1. Uniform coating
2. The quality of the edge spray is high.
3. It is not easy to spray too much and splash back.
4. Simple maintenance
Line drawing method:
1. When the atomization standard air pressure is turned off, the glue is sprayed on the base steel plate in a strip form.
2. According to the adjustment of feeding working pressure, the total flow of glue ejected can be controlled.
3. This method is commonly used for small coating on the base steel plate, blank holder work and adjustment of the total flow at the inlet and outlet before work.
Spiral mode:
1. The smaller atomization standard air pressure can produce the effect of circular air duct on the inlet and outlet glue under the mutual cooperation of specially made rubber tubes.
2. Make it tightly around the management center line to produce cone-shaped and circle shaped painting to the surface of base steel plate.
3. This method is commonly used in places with high edge resolution, total width of glue spray paint and high output power.
Spray dispensing valve
Atomization method:
1. Make atomization standard air pressure according to lifting, and reduce feeding working pressure to obtain atomization working mode.
2. The gas is applied to the glue at the rubber outlet along the atomization passage to produce cone-shaped spray paint and atomization spray paint to the surface of the base steel plate.
3. Atomization can produce ultra thin spray coating, which is commonly used in places where optional coating and ultra thin coating are required.
Spray nozzle
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